Bridge Over River

Individual Grief Counseling

A New Approach To Counseling

Grief is not a disease, nor is it a mental disorder. But you may feel that it will kill you, and that you have truly lost your mind.  Grief is a combination of emotions that hit without warning and stay until they go. Grief causes confusion, difficulty functioning, fear, anxiety, guilt and a sense of disconnection from the world as you once knew it.

Evidenced Based Practices

To best support you, I provide evidenced based treatments and interventions, including Complicated Grief Therapy.  With a focus on positive psychology, narrative therapy and mindfulness based interventions, I meet my clients where they are on their journey and help them walk into a place of healing. 

Conventional counseling services typically provide for one session a week,  for a duration of many months and even years.   And while there is great value is this model for many issues and needs, I believe those who are grieving need a different kind of support.  And this is why I am doing things differently.

I have designed a grief counseling program that supports more, when more support is needed.  With options that are more flexible, and more comprehensive, support is available when you need it most.

Currently offering grief counseling services to those 18 years and older.

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Specialized, compassionate care to support your walk with grief.

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